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Bill Withers
Original Album Classics

Veröffentlichung: 12.09.2014
Label: Epic / Sony Music
Box-Set › Genre: Singer / Songwriter

Cover: Bill Withers - Original Album Classics
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Bill Withers : Original Album Classics-Serie mit 5 CDs

Der hochtalentierte Singer/Songwriter Bill Withers mischte Folk, Soul und gelegentliche Gospelelemente mit perfekten Harmonien. Damit gelangen ihm zeitlose Klassiker. Die neue OAC- Box von Bill Withers umfasst die fünf Alben “Making Music” (1975), “Naked & Warm” (1976), “Menagerie” (1977), “'Bout Love” (1978) und “Watching You Watching Me” (1985). Darauf enthalten sind zahlreiche Hits und Evergreens wie zum Beispiel "Lovely Day", "Make Love To Your Mind", "Oh Yeah!" oder "All Because Of You".


Quelle: Epic / Sony Music
Foto: Epic / Sony Music
Short-URL: https://mix1.de/m17633

Tracklist / Infos

CD 1

01. I Wish You Well
02. The Best You Can
03. Make Love To Your Mind
04. I Love You Dawn
05. She's Lonely
06. Sometimes A Song
07. Paint Your Little Picture
08. Family Table
09. Don't You Want To Stay?
10. Hello Like Before

CD 2

01. Close To Me
02. Naked & Warm
03. Where Are You?
04. Dreams
05. If I Didn't Mean You Well
06. I'll Be With You
07. City Of The Angels
08. My Imagination

CD 3

01. Lovely Day
02. I Want To Spend The Night
03. Lovely Night For Dancing
04. Then You Smile At Me
05. She Wants To (Get On Down)
06. It Ain't Because Of Me Baby
07. Tender Things
08. Wintertime
09. Let Me Be The One You Need

CD 4

01. All Because Of You
02. Dedicated To You My Love
03. Don't It Make It Better
04. You Got The Stuff
05. Look To Each Other For Love
06. Love
07. Love Is
08. Memories Are That Way

CD 5

01. Oh Yeah!
02. Something That Turns You On
03. Don't Make Me Wait
04. Heart In Your Life
05. Watching You Watching Me
06. We Could Be Sweet Lovers
07. You Just Can't Smile It Away
08. Steppin' Right Along
09. Whatever Happens
10. You Try To Find A Love

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