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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) (The Score)
Music by Carter Burwell

Veröffentlichung: 23.11.2012
Label: Atlantic Records / Warner Music
O.S.T. › Genre: Orchester / O.S.T.

Cover: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) (The Score) - Music by Carter Burwell
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Die Filmmusik zu The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

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Quelle: Atlantic Records / Warner Music
Foto: Atlantic Records / Warner Music
Short-URL: https://mix1.de/m9109

Tracklist / Infos

01. Twilight Overture
02. A World Bright And Buzzing
03. The Lamb Hunts The Lion
04. Meet Renesmee
05. Here Goes Nothing
06. Sparkles At Last
07. Catching Snowflakes
08. The Immortal Children
09. Merchant Of Venice
10. Into The White
11. Renesmee's Lullaby / Something Terrible
12. A Way With The World
13. The Amazon Arrives
14. A Yankee Vampire
15. Cloud Forest
16. Witnesses
17. We Will Fight
18. Shield Training
19. At Bedtime A Child Asks About Death
20. Decoding Alice
21. The Driving Question
22. Present Time
23. This Extraordinary Life
24. Gathering In Snow
25. She Is Not Immortal
26. Reading Edward
27. Magnifica
28. Irina Loses Her Head
29. Aro's Oration
30. A Kick In The Head
31. Exacueret Nostri Dentes In Filia
32. Chasing Renesmee
33. A Crack In The Earth
34. Aro's End
35. That's Your Future
36. Such A Prize

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